Our project management service, based upon APM, supports our in-house requirements within the crabtree hill group businesses but is available as an “add in” or “stand alone” service for our customers.

We are aware of the high importance of project management and the skills required to ensure projects operate to the required parameters and this is an important part of our business philosophy.

Scope creep or lack of scope definition is the number one reason why projects fail, we therefore offer a project management service which can assist or augment customers own project teams.

  • Project Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Quality Assurance
  • Principle Contractor
  • CDM
  • Working Towards ISO 9001


When managing larger projects, our customers have said that one of their biggest problems is trying to source and then coordinate numerous independent contracting companies to achieve a successful project completion.

We have taken this on board and we have developed a method whereby we can offer customers the opportunity to deal with us as a single source where we source, provide and coordinate all required resources for the project whilst providing customers with a single point of contact.

We believe that our dedicated full turn-key solution provides customers with the necessary experience, expertise and innovative solutions required to complete successful projects within most manufacturing and production line environments.

  • Definition of Scope and Project Requirements
  • Project Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Pipework and Fabrication Engineering
  • Local and Global Transportation
  • Worldwide Shipment and Export Packing
  • Health and Safety Management


Crabtree & Hill was one of the first companies in the UK to offer a specialised independent electrical service to the printing industry.

We soon gained a global reputation for providing excellent service that repaired, installed and relocated any type of sheet-fed, web offset or newspaper printing press.  We have worked for major OEM’s such as (GOSS, Mitsubishi, Komori, MAN, KBA, TKS, Heidelberg) and global major print houses.

Our reputation has continued to flourish over the years and our experienced team of technicians work hard to maintain it today by providing a reliable and efficient service to the print and packaging sectors.

  • Machine installation and relocations
  • Machine breakdowns and repairs
  • Routine machine service work
  • Specialist machine service work
  • Machine modifications and upgrades
  • Machine refurbishment
  • Panel design and manufacture
  • PLC / software projects


Our mechanical engineers offer bespoke services which provide the required experience and skill levels to complete the complex engineering projects required by our customers. We have the necessary skill level and equipment to carry out single machine, full production line and full factory facility relocations, installations, repairs, service and commissioning works on a local or global scale whilst servicing most industry sectors.

  • Full Project Engineering
  • Single Machine, Production Line and Facility Relocations
  • Machine Testing and Commissioning
  • Machine Service, Repairs and Spares


It is crucial to the smooth running of rotating equipment (whether part of an installation, or just a check) to ensure machinery and equipment is aligned either as installed, or as it is being installed.

We offer various methods of alignment (i.e. transits, theodolites, precision scales, machine levels, shaft alignment equipment, laser trackers, etc.) to record as built geometry, to provide valuable preventative maintenance data or other.

We offer alignment for:

  • Shaft alignment
  • Roll alignment
  • Rotating machinery alignment

Laser trackers, due to their superb accuracy, are being used more frequently today. They are portable, 3 dimensional metrology tools that are used for collecting large volume 3D measurements quickly, accurately and in real time providing a quicker process than other alignment methods and can lead to greater plant reliability, higher efficiency and reduce the risk of breakdown.


Our fabrication department offers technical expertise which provides a specialist service in design and fabrication. Using 2D and 3D CAD design software, our in-house workshop facility is able to carry out most general fabrication projects.

The design and fabrication business supports other group businesses producing steel structures, overhead gantry cranes, load support beams and bespoke lifting and moving systems.

Our team of skilled welders have the necessary knowledge and experience of working to complex project specifications and tight deadlines.

  • Detailed Design
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Metalwork Installation
  • Steel Erecting Service
  • Gantry and Crane Manufacture
  • Mezzanine Flooring
  • Load Support Manufacturing
  • CE Stamped Manufacturing


Crabtree & Hill Projects regularly supply heavy haulage when carrying out projects around the world. With our invaluable experience within this sector, we are also able to share our expertise and provide a transport service to assist you when moving standard or abnormal loads.

We are also able to offer an extensive worldwide shipping service to our customers from door to any global destination. Not only providing daily updates and tracking as standard, we also complete all necessary documentation, customs clearance and onward delivery to the final destination to simplify the whole process.

  • Pre-Transport Site Surveys
  • Low Load, Flatbed & Curtain Side Trailers
  • Route Planning & Authority Notification
  • Traffic Management
  • Escort Vehicles (Where Required)
  • Air Shipment Service
  • Sea Shipment Service
  • Road Shipment Service


We offer advice and expertise on export packing.

We provide technical assistance and experience to ensure shipments reach their destination as and when and in the condition expected.

We ensure equipment is carefully packed to ensure it is protected during climatic changes and excess handling during transit.

We offer a wide range of packing:

  • Full Case Packing
  • Oil Bags
  • Desiccant
  • Heat Shrink

which are all designed, to give added protection throughout the entire process.

We also offer a service packing and chocking shipping containers.

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