As a long-serving member of the NICEIC, Crabtree & Hill Ltd have the required quality staff and advanced processes to ensure all our electrical projects are completed to the highest standard. With a large fully employed workforce that has extensive knowledge and experience, a full range of electrical services can be offered to cover all client requirements. Each of our engineers are fully accredited and have the required licenses and documentation to carry-out safe working processes on all sites

Our Services

  • HV/LV Main Supply Installation
  • Technical Services
  • Network & Data Installations
  • Commercial Installations
  • LED Lighting Projects 
  • Testing Surveys

Full Design Service

Our full design services are amongst the most comprehensive across the UK.

Crabtree & Hill provides stellar Electrical and Mechanical Full Design services for all types of equipment and development projects. Our engineers can design simple and sophisticated solutions that raise the long-term worth of facilities and structures. When we manage your facilities, we can deal with services such as heating, ventilation, and cooling to enhance a productive environment.

With over 15 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering services, Crabtree & Hill will work with you through all design stages, from the initial concept to the final phase. Our team consists of seasoned engineers and designers who excel at bringing innovative solutions to difficult design problems. So, feel free to contact us with your requirements, please.

Feed & Thermographic Testing

What is involved in feed & thermographic testing?

Testing Surveys. Our іnfrаrеd thеrmоgrарhу testing utіlіѕеѕ tеmреrаturе variations in thе dаtа tо dеtесt mаіntеnаnсе рrоblеmѕ before they rеѕult іn еlесtrісаl fault аnd оutаgе.

Thermographic tеѕtіng оf еlесtrісаl systems can hеlр уоu reduce mаіntеnаnсе costs by half, prolong the lifespan оf industrial mасhіnеrу by preventing оr mitigating hеаt dаmаgе. Lеt uѕ assist you rерlасе уоur reactive mаіntеnаnсе methods with аn effective рrеdісtіvе approach.

1PH & 3PH Installations

Use a level 2 electrician if you need to upgrade a single-phase to a three-phase electrical supply in your commercial space. As a professional electrical company, Crabtree & Hill is dedicated to offering reliable and safe electrical solutions to all kinds of businesses. Thanks to our experienced and licensed electricians, we can work on the following types of equipment:

  • Air conditioning & Heating Units
  • Heavy Industrial Machinery
  • UPS devices/systems
  • Motors and pumps

You must choose a team with proven track records when you need an electrical upgrade.  Irrespective of your location around the world, we can come to you. 

Get in touch today for all your 1PH and 3PH installations and upgrade.

HV & LV Installations

Crabtree & Hill boasts of a fully-accredited team of LV (low voltage) and HV (high voltage) installation experts. Our highly-skilled engineers have multidisciplinary and multi-sector capabilities, which enhances us to provide turn-key solutions. Some of the services we provide include HV & LV Maintenance & Support, Control Cabling, Switchgear Installation & Testing, System Commissioning, and much more.

With a reputation for providing high-quality work at a competitive price, Crabtree & Hill Electrical is the perfect partner for companies who require projects completed to a high standard and within budget. Speak to an expert today!

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