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The Crabtree & Hill Ltd facilities management team provides you and our extended customer base with a quality and dedicated services to support the functionality, safety and sustainability of your business and all associated buildings and site equipment. We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional customer service to ensure clients can take care of running operations within their business and require minimal concern for site maintenance. A dedicated site manager is provided to each site we manage to ensure excellent and clear communication paths are in place and full access is provided to all contract details, individual project progress, schedules, and specialist documents via a customer portal that is accessed via the Crabtree & Hill Ltd website.

Our Services

  • Turn-key Relocation Projects
  • Machine Installation
  • Machine Repair/Service Work
  • Machine Modifications
  • Machine Transport
  • Electrical & Mechanical Services
printing & packaging
Packaging Machines & Installation services

Machine Relocation

Whether you’re looking at relocating a single piece of equipment or moving an entire production machinery, Crabtree & Hill can get the job done. Our professionals understand how to handle your complex equipment with care. For this reason, for us, dismantling entails far beyond simply removing the system and all of its parts and correctly removing the cables. Documentation, technical cleaning, and proper packaging of individual components are part of the process. In addition, we ensure that all safety measures are strictly abided to.

After successful relocation, our team also helps you Assembly the machine in the location of your choice. Wе provide еlесtrісаl, hуdrаulіс аnd рnеumаtіс соnnесtіоnѕ, supplying thе device wіth аll necessary utіlіtіеѕ. Finally, we test the machine, abiding by technical documentation & safety measures. Get in touch!

Sheets-fed and web offset presses and newspaper

Our Web Offset Printing department has the capability and scheduling versatility to keep your project running effectively. With a combined experience of over 15 years, our dedicated web offset pressmen are among the best in the industry. In addition, Crabtree & Hill has heatset ink products that ensure that your newspapers, catalogues, and brochures have distinctive qualities. Excellent colour quality; take advantage of this budget-friendly printing solution now!

Sheets-fed Printing: Crabtree & Hill is proud to offer sheets-fed printing services. Choose from either the Web Offset or Sheet-fed type of printing and have flexibility with your covers and gloss sections. Our sheets-fed machinery is perfect for lower run work and can produce amazing results efficiently. Cost-effective solutions with several sheeting options available; get in touch today!

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